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What inspires me…

I cherish being a hands on mum and playing the busy juggling game that is motherhood - I wouldn't change it for the world.

I believe in being a quality person who makes time for people. I believe in paying it forward -it always feels better to give than receive.

I believe in animals and truly believe we underestimate them in every way. We need to be their voice, to nurture and protect them. For this reason, Smartbite Nutrition donates monthly to Animals Australia and makes regular donations to other animal charities including Humane Society International, and RSPCA.

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Our purpose

To reduce your stress when feeding fussy kids.

To give mums back their head space and freedom.

To improve the quality of life and health of children with tummy troubles

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Our Values

Leadership - taking the complex and making it simple

Empowering and motivating - inspiring those around us

Supporting and reassuring - being there for others when they need it most

Growth - always learning

Impact - making a difference for life

Live well - be kind, eat well, live vivaciously




Our team of Paediatric Dietitians supporting you

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Karina Savage
BSc (Ex & Sport Science), BND

  • Leading Australian Paediatric Gut Health Dietitian (Nutritionist) , 15+ years’ experience

  • Specialist in paediatric gut issues -food allergy, intolerance, colic, IBS, IBD, Coeliac.

  • Public speaker and educator - educating international Paediatricians, Nurses, GP’s, Dietitians and other health professionals

  • Media advisor and consultant to global nutrition companies

  • Published author in area of infant reflux and allergy


Rachel George
BSc (Ex & Sport Science), BND

  • Specialist Clinical Paediatric Dietitian (Nutritionist) with over 15 years’ experience

  • Sports Dietitian – consults to teenage club athletes from a variety of sports needing nutrition support

  • Brings overseas experience to the team

  • Specialised in Children’s Gut Health and paediatric nutrition issues related to the gut such as food allergy, carbohydrate intolerance, IBS (FODMAP), Coeliac, Crohns Disease, Constipation and Colic.


Lucilla Taggart

  • Specialist Clinical Paediatric Dietitian (Nutritionist)

  • Brings Overseas experience to the team

  • Special interest in working with vegetarians/vegans and fussy eaters

  • She has also worked closely with children and families in the community setting

  • Regularly provides talks to child care centres (workers and parents) as well as students on the topic of childhood nutrition



Karina has been featured across many media channels; sharing her knowledge and passion for nutrition.



Smartbite Nutrition Consulting was established by Karina in 2007 to fill a niche need -supporting parents to manage tricky paediatric gut conditions such as food intolerances, food allergies, IBS (FODMAP), infant colic, constipation and Coeliac Disease. We have had a great time so far !

Karina’s passion for the gut has led her to become an Australian leader in the field. She is renowned for her knowledge in paediatric gut disorders and nutrition and regularly presents on this topic, together with providing expert comment to media.