IBS Low FODMAP Nutritionist Sydney

We are specialists in managing both children and adults with IBS.

Children and teenagers with IBS require different dietary modification to adults, therefore it’s important that a paediatric Dietitian/ Nutritionist guides you through this journey.

We work very closely with our colleagues - Paediatric Gastroenterologists, which enables a more complete patient journey.

Being mums ourselves, we offer mums non-judgemental nutrition counselling and advice, enabling you to walk out of the consult feeling reassured, confident and less stressed!

At Smartbite , our Dietitians/Nutritionist make your life easier by:

  • Listening to your concerns and needs about your child's nutrition

  • Assessing what they eat -it is helpful to bring a 4 day food diary (can be downloaded from our free info page).

  • Reducing stress by providing reassurance and education with a professionally devised nutrition plan - specific to your child/family.

Being Paediatric Dietitians/ Nutritionists, we have specialist skills to provide you with a full education on the low FODMAP diet and give you a practical meal plan that is workable for the family. A low FODMAP diet will often bring huge symptom relief to a child with gut issues.

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