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Welcome - we are here to support you with your child’s nutrition and fussy eating!

Hi I’m Karina, Paediatric Dietitian (Nutritionist) and Director of Smartbite. I’m married with 2 young children and I’m a huge animal lover - especially dogs! I love the busy juggle of life with kids and enjoy keeping fit and healthy.

Life is so crazy busy these days and as mums I believe we need to support each other as much as possible - it takes a village right? I truly love using my expertise to help other mums - giving them head space and freedom. We nurture you with professional nutrition advice and we are mums ourselves!

IMAGINE THIS - NO MORE MEALTIME BATTLES - How amazing would that be!

INSTEAD - A calm and happy you, with more time on your hands, more head space and FREEDOM

Starting solids with your baby can be SO confusing - we guide you and take the stress away

Managing fussy eaters can be a NIGHTMARE! - we give you strategies take the stress away

Managing babies and kids with allergies and food intolerance can be very tricky - we create a meal plan to take the stress away

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Lets reduce your food stress NOW!

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How can we help you?


Let’s stop those fussy eaters or let’s help you in other ways

We’d love to help you more confidently manage fussy eaters or tummy troubles

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Let’s better fuel your body to get more out of your PERFORMANCE

Needing help with your body composition goals and getting to that next level?

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How we improve the lives of our families..…..


“We regularly take away pain and discomfort, putting a smile on everyone’s face”

How we change your life:

- We help you to modify your child’s diet so it makes them feel great - this reduces your stress levels, giving you freedom and head space!

- Take the latest evidence and turn it into practical and workable strategies for you individual family

- Develop your confidence to cut through the power struggle at mealtimes, setting your family up for successful mealtimes.

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Fussy Eaters are everywhere!

If you have a fussy eater that is stressing you out -never feel alone, we are often fighting the same food battles with the same stories told – just in different houses!!

We love taking the challenging, stressful nutrition issues off your hands

If you are a stressed out mum, then you have come to the right place.

We have plenty of great info on our free info page for you.

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You choose how we help you :)

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Phone consultation - from your car, couch or cafe!

Whatever works easiest with your busy life - we get it and are here to help however is easiest!



Karina has been featured across many media channels; sharing her knowledge and passion for nutrition.