Sports Nutrition Consulting Sydney


At Sports Nutrition Consulting Sydney -Karina is a highly experienced Accredited Sports Dietitian working in Sydney with adults and children from recreational to elite level. She has vast experience in a variety of sports. Being an Accredited Sports Dietitian, means that she is a full member of Sports Dietitians Australia. - this importantly is the 'gold standard ' accreditation for sports nutrition professionals in the country.

Karina works with athletes who have varying nutrition and body composition goals, including:

  • Gaining muscle mass
  • Losing body fat
  • Body composition assessment including Skinfolds
  • Making weight
  • Competition plans
  • Nutrition for travel
  • Informed Supplement advice
  • Nutrition for injury
  • Optimising Immune function

Karina loves giving group education in the form of talks/workshops to athletes and or coaches.

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