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Karina has helped us so much through managing my daughters CMPI. We felt a little lost on what she could or couldn't eat and how to ensure she was getting enough nutrition. Karina is so personable, helpful and realistic in what is achievable which as a new Mum, was very reassuring because at times I just felt a bit lost. Karina always responded to my emails quickly so I always felt supported.

Karina also allowed me the opportunity to continue breastfeeding when other doctors has advised that I stop and I cannot thank her enough for guiding me through how we could continue breastfeeding without flaring up our baby's intolerance.

I cannot recommend Karina and Smartbite enough, expert advise and an amazing and supportive service, Thank you!

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Highly recommend Dr Karina Savage for your child’s dietary needs. As our son is on a vegetarian diet, it was great to get Karina’s advice on balancing his diet with meat substitutes. She was friendly and full of insight. Great to speak to her for peace of mind that you’re hearing from a real expert. She has kids too so it’s great to hear of her own experiences.

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I see Karina for my 2.5 yr old and 4 month old both with intolerance issues. She gave us a a great action plan to follow, everything made sense and easy to do. Full of knowledge, very personable and great communication to follow up with. Would recommend highly.

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Katrina was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when discussing my baby son's vegetarian / vegan diet options. She provided a lot of useful information on what proteins and sources of iron we should consider to ensure our son gets the nutrients he needs. I would totally recommend Katrina when searching for dietary advice for vegan or vegetarian families.

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Karina has a wonderful manner and is very knowledgeable.

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We are thankful to have found Karina to help with our daughters chronic gut pain. Karina has excellent knowledge with paediatric dietary issues and is currently helping us heal our daughters gut. Karina is very personable and definitely recommend as an excellent dietician.

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We recently met with Karina over a Skype consultation to work out a plan for my 4.5 month old baby to start solid foods. After a few rocky early months with a gastro bug and secondary lactose intolerance, I was nervous to start our baby on solids. However, Karina helped us put together a plan and so far we haven't had any tummy issues. Karina is knowledgeable, kind and it was super easy to chat over Skype (especially with a little baby in tow). I'd highly recommend Karina to help with baby gut problems and look forward to meeting with her again.

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Our son was born small and went through a stage of not wanting to eat his meals. This was especially stressful as we needed him to catch up in weight. We'd been seeking advice from the web and our GPs but nothing was working for us and there is a lot of conflicting advice out there. But Karina was incredible, she was able to speak with us via Skype, late one night (so you don't need to be in Sydney) and gave us so many incredible tips. I thought we'd slowly see results, but it was an instant turn around, which blew my husband and I away. Meal time had been a frustrating time before but now it is SO much more enjoyable! I have recommended Karina to friends in a similar situation since.

Karina helped my 12 year old son work through his chronic gut pain. After many years he is now pain free. I would absolutely recommend Karina to anyone with gut issues. Thanks heaps Karina, Fintan is looking forward to Christmas without pain.