Lets do lunch boxes!!


Lunchboxes should contain a variety of the following:

Energy food (carbohydrate): 
Sandwich (grainy bread), wholemeal roll, high fibre wrap, grainy crackers  (ryvita), brown rice, high fibre pasta, baked beans.

Protein food:
Cheese, boiled egg (or curried in sandwich), mixed nuts & peanut butter (if allowed), cold chicken, yoghurt, plain milk (in bottle or tetrapack), hommus, tuna, baked beans, tofu.

Fruit and vegetables:
Fresh fruit, dried fruit, fruit tub, raw vegie sticks with dip/pesto, salad in sandwich, corn on the cob, roasted capsicum, olives, dried legumes (Fava beans, chickpeas), 4 bean mix, vegie skewers, zuchini slice, vegie quiche, sweet potato chips, sugar snap peas, snow peas avocado cubes (don't be afraid to use good quality dressings - we like Extra Virgin olive oil with white balsamic vinegar)

Homemade healthy fruit muffins, banana bread, date and oat balls (aka protein balls) -  all of these recipes can be downloaded from our website by adding your email details.

Just like adults, children are not going to love everything that goes into their lunch box. Try to avoid food wars, be patient and rotate options until you stumble across a few winners!

Team Designstaq